Your Local Association is here to keep you updated and informed. Be sure to check our website regularly as you will find many helpful workshops, PRIDE events, social events, Pension updates and Legislative information being posted throughout the year.

So where exactly can you find all this information?

Under our EVENTS tab you can view workshop dates, as well as PRIDE and social events. Remember ALL EBEA workshop require a deposit, this deposit will be returned to you at the conclusion of the workshop – so, in a single word that means they are FREE to you as an NJEA member (one of the many benefits for being a member in good standing).

EBEA Leadership can be found under the ABOUT menu along with a list of our building representatives. You can also find several committees that as a member you can become involved in. You will be brought to an informational page describing the committee with important information from our committee chairs by clicking on the committee name.

Pension updates and Legislative information will be posted under the NEWS tab.

You can also reach us at the office (732) 390-6600 or via email at