The Association Representatives are vital association leaders. ARs are truly "action leaders" because the association's successes depend to a large degree on the ability to tell the association story to members, reflect members' needs and beliefs to decision makers, and provide prompt association support to individual members when help is needed.

The Association's Representative Council consists of members from each of the eleven East Brunswick Public Schools and the Administration building.

All Rep Council meetings will begin promptly at 4:00pm in the EBEA meeting room unless otherwise noted, see calendar for dates.

Representative Council Meetings Minutes will be posted on the EBEA website, a hard copy will be available upon request. All members will receive a monthly "Rep Council Update" that will be distributed to all members in their building.

Representatives in your building

Administration - Information Technology
Chief - Florence Taliercio
Alternate - Denise Girgenti

Administration - Financial Services
Rep - Jodi Liberty
Distribution - Allison Polito

Administration - Curriculum
Distribution - Samantha D'Agosta

Administration - Special Ed
Distribution - Candace Gaudio

Support Operation Facility (SOF)
Chief - April Montefusco
Rep - Alida Martin
Alternate - Karen Deignan
Distribution - Karen Deignan
Bulletin Board - Karen Deignan

Chief - Theresa Vetrecin
Rep available
Alternate available
Distribution - Sheri Binder
Bulletin Board - Kristin Bubnis

Chief - Jodi Kroll
Rep - Shannon Keely
Alternate - Stephanie Michik
Distribution available
Bulletin Board - available

Chief - Kathleen Parkinson
Rep - Elaine Haney, Virginia Littlefield
Alt - available
Distribution - available
Bulletin Board - available

Chief - Lindsay Grossman
Reps - Jenna Lyons
Distribution - Amy Alcantara
Bulletin Board - Nichole Haas

Chief- Michele Moore
Reps - Fatima McKinnon, Rochelle Rosen
Alternate - Maryann Hyatt, Abby Salgado
Distribution - Vicki Wilkins
Bulletin Board - Eliza Schmiegel

Lawrence Brook
Chief - Erica Magley
Rep - Melissa Shelcusky
Alternates - Meredith Ascher
Distribution - Meredith Ascher
Bulletin Board - Amanda Davino

Chief - Rachel Thomas
Rep - Christian Semple
Alternate - available
Distribution - Jennifer Margolies-Smith
Bulletin Board - Amber Luberto

Chief - Jamie Grant
Rep - Caroline Jordan
Alternate - available
Distribution - Kara Johnson
Bulletin Board - Kerri Dvorak

Hammarskjold Middle School
Chief - Carolyn Gregory
Reps - Kelly Carle, Wendy D'Andrea, Christopher Finnegan, Lori Fitter, Susan Turek
Alternates - Megan Collins, Michele Green, Aileen Larrison, Stephanie Morgen, Lisa Zaloom
Distribution - Stephanie Brown
Bulletin Board - Alexandra Krissow, Ashley Sacks

Churchill Junior High
Chief - Beth Shobe
Reps - Kristine Clearwater, Ashley Fuzak, Melissa Grigal, Theresa Kerschner, Colleen Talbot, Alyssa Yang
Alternates - Erin Crupi, Tara Hannon, Steve Pecesky, Christine Smutko, Eric Sturr, Michael Talbot
Distribution - Lynne Elson
Bulletin Board - Lynne Elson, Katherine Limozinere

High School
Chief - Valerie Alimonti
Reps - Lisa Cunkelman, Kimberly Giambrone, Margaret Haas, Karen Posluszny, Joseph Ursino, Cheryll Willis
Alternates - Haim Cohen, Christopher Kenney, Nicole Kenney, Jonathan Pawlowski, Katherine Skidmore, Jeff Sundberg
Distribution - Jody Wiener
Bulletin Board - Jack Cibrian