EBEA loves our members, you should too!

With approximately 1,400 members, the East Brunswick Education Association is a group of colleagues with many talents and needs. We also have our family members who have businesses or skills that may be of use to our fellow members.

In order to help connect our members with needed talents and skills, the East Brunswick Education Association is looking to connect members looking for services with those members and immediate family members who can provide those services. This is why we are launching a new service called EBEA Member Connections -- A resource where you can find needed services while helping out fellow EBEA members and their families.

This advertising service is FREE, and only open to members of the EBEA and their spouses/civil union partner, parents or children. We encourage you to share your business, service, talent, hobby or skills that you, your spouse, your parents or your children perform so that we can communicate it to the members of the EBEA membership.

By completing a few simple questions on the link below we intend to create a resource that will further allow fellow EBEA members to benefit from, another benefit for being a part of an Association with hearty, strength and unity!

Complete our brief questionnaire below so we can add you to our online version of the EBEA Member Connections resource brochure.