NJEA Professional Learning

Professional learning is an important part of every educator’s career, regardless of job description. That’s why NJEA provides access to numerous professional learning opportunities every month, as well as information about opportunities offered by other providers.

NEA Professional Learning

We provide cutting-edge resources from NEA experts—our staff, affiliates, and members—on the skills and topics educators need to join, stay in, and advance our profession.

Advocacy Training

NJEA provides a variety of workshops throughout the year to improve members’ advocacy skills. These trainings ensure that every member has the opportunity to develop themselves as advocates for themselves, their profession, and their students.

NJ DOE Educators Panel

Teacher and leader quality are the most important school-based factors in determining student success.  Educator quality is initially dependent upon robust preparation, certification and recruitment processes. It is then strengthened by high-quality professional development informed by accurate and useful evaluations.

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Coming Soon

Monthly Professional Development, and more